How Long & Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow?

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A Poodle will probably have a very different coat from previous dogs you may have owned when you bring one into your life. Because poodles have hair rather than fur, their coats require more maintenance and grooming than those of many other breeds.

A Poodle’s hair practically grows continually, unlike its fur, which changes growth with the seasons. Every month, the average Poodle’s coat grows somewhere between half an inch and an inch. Based on each dog’s genetics and health, the pace of hair development varies between these estimates. A Poodle’s hair will continue to grow for several years if cared for properly.

Three stages of hair growth are experienced by poodles:

  • Anagen: The time of active growth is now.
  • Catagen: This is a time of passage into the following stage.
  • Telogen: The poodle’s hair will stop growing at this time and finally fall off.

An Anagen hair grows after a hair enters the Telogen phase, and the Telogen hair falls off.

Poodles’ coats are frequently brushed, and when they grow too long, the hair is clipped short.

In certain situations, this entails trimming the fur to achieve a particular appearance for the show ring. This may take several months as the fur grows longer in the intended long-furred places while remaining virtually hairless in the other areas.

However, Poodles are frequently merely given an all-over haircut to make their coats simpler to maintain. You have lots of alternatives for how you wish to maintain your Poodle’s coat if you are not entering them in a conformation show.

How Fast Does Poodle Hair Grow?

No matter how you feel about them, Poodles are undoubtedly one of the most fashionable dog breeds out there. They can be groomed into a wide variety of shapes and sizes due to their dense, curly coat, which has made them a staple in dog exhibitions all over the world.

But it should come as no surprise that Poodles need a lot of maintenance given their thick and wavy hair. But how much maintenance does your Poodle’s coat require to be in good condition? Read on to learn everything you need to know about controlling your Poodle’s hair, whether you’re a new dog parent or a seasoned Poodle enthusiast.

A Poodle’s hair grows 1 to 1.5 inches each month on average, which is about twice as quickly as human hair growth. To prevent tangles and mats, you will need to maintain a regular grooming schedule. You have the option of learning how to do this yourself or hiring a professional.


What Are Different Types Of Poodle Hair?

Poodles are a readily recognizable canine breed that are renowned for their intelligence and beautifully styled coats. Poodle hair differs from most canine fur types in that it grows constantly, much like human hair, rather than stopping at a specific length. Understanding the various poodle coat types is crucial if you’re thinking about getting one as a pet so you can properly groom them and give them a distinctive appearance.


  • Puppy Coat

Poodle puppies’ coats are different from adults’ coats in that they develop as waves or soft curls. The puppy’s coat texture changes and starts to mat more easily between the ages of 9 and 16 months. The poodle’s hair will then either develop gentler curls or waves or more coarse curls.


  • Curly Coat

Poodle coats have a naturally curled structure and are typically coarse. The dense, curly hair of the poodle will continue to grow until it is cut, unlike the fur of other dogs. Although it appears to not shed, the hair that does tangles in the curls rather than falling loose. Because of this, regular brushing is necessary to avoid matting.


  • Corded Coat

Instead of combing out the poodle’s natural curls, the corded coat results from this. The mats are cut into cords that resemble ropes and are about the size of an average pencil. With certain types of clipped styles, these cords are often kept longer on the dog’s head, mane, ears and body, and kept shorter for the pompoms, bracelets and puffs. This type of coat is difficult to maintain, but according to “The Everything Poodle Book,” it was popular in Victorian England.


  • Puppy Clipped Coats

Poodle puppies under 12 months old are the only ones who should use the puppy clip. The poodle’s face, throat, feet, and area at the base of its tail are all completely free of fur thanks to this clip. With a pompom at the end of the tail, the coat’s remaining length and shape are retained intact.


  • English Saddle Clipped Coats

The English saddle is a cut that complies with American Kennel Club requirements for poodles older than 12 months and is intended for dogs competing or showing. The dog’s coat is removed from the face, throat, feet, and base of the tail. In addition, the hair on the forelegs is also shaved, leaving just puffs. There’s a pompom left at the end of the tail.


  • Continental Clipped Coats

With the exception of the face, throat, feet, and tail base, which are all shaved, a poodle with a coat styled with the Continental clip will have body hair that is full and well-shaped. The hindquarters and legs are also shaved, and the tail has a pompom-shaped end. Puffs of fur on the forelegs and pompoms on the hips are optional. On the hind legs, fur has also been left as a bracelet. For poodles older than 12 months, this kind of coat is an acceptable AKC competitive cut.


How Long Should You Keep Your Poodle’s Coat?

Most dog owners don’t want to work to make a Poodle’s coat grow into 20-inch cords, and that’s perfectly OK.

The fact that you have countless alternatives when it comes to your dog’s appearance is one of the best things about a dog with continuously growing hair.

Regardless of how long their coat can be, the answer to how long to keep your Poodle’s coat is this: keep it as long as you can.

Your dog’s coat will last longer if you have the time and commitment to give them frequent washes, have purchased a blow dryer made specifically for dogs, and can brush them every day.


How Short Should You Go?

In contrast to breeds with multiple coats, where it is important to remember that a shave down can harm the dog’s coat permanently, the Poodle’s single coat can be safely maintained extremely short if you so wish.

The length you should trim your dog’s hair to depends on a variety of factors, including your Poodle’s skin sensitivity. In this situation, it is safe to go with a lower blade number (such a 9 or 10) to prevent irritating the skin.

However, with other cuts, like the continental, it is possible to proceed all the way to the finish line if there are no skin problems and due to their single-layered coat.



Poodles are known throughout the world for their fashionable coat, but at this point, you should be well aware of the work required to keep that much hair. Poodles are quick-growing and have low to no shedding, so maintaining their good looks and well-being calls for routine care and frequent trips to the groomer.

Maintaining the health of your Poodle’s coat involves many different factors, and it would be impossible to address them all in one essay. But don’t worry if you still need more details on how to maintain your Poodle’s health and appearance; we have a variety of articles that cover everything you need to know.

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