How To Prevent Your Poodle From Jumping On People

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As a poodle owner, you might be familiar with the sometimes-obnoxious habit of jumping on people. While it may seem cute and harmless, it can be off-putting to guests and even dangerous if your poodle jumps on someone who is elderly or has mobility issues. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to prevent your poodle from jumping on people.

In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons why dogs jump, why poodles are prone to jumping, and six different methods you can use to prevent your poodle from jumping on people.


Why do poodle dogs jump on people?

Poodle dogs are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and boundless energy. This enthusiasm often expresses itself in the form of jumping on people when they enter a room. While this behavior might appear strange to some, there is usually an underlying reason why poodles jump on people. Understanding this behavior can help pet owners better manage their poodle’s jumping habits and create a more harmonious relationship between dog and owner.

Why are poodles prone to jumping?

Poodles are known for their athleticism and love of jumping. This behavior stems from their natural instinct to explore and exercise. Poodles have strong muscles that allow them to jump higher than most other breeds, making them ideal companions for active lifestyles. Additionally, they often have a lot of energy and enthusiasm that can lead to excessive jumping when left unchecked. As a result, poodle owners must be aware of this trait and work on proper training methods to ensure their pet remains safe while enjoying their playful nature.


Method 1: Teach your poodle the “off” command

Teaching your poodle the “off” command is a good starting point when it comes to preventing jumping. This command tells your dog that they should get off of someone or something. Start by asking your poodle to sit, then gently push them off if they try to jump on you. As you do this, say “off” and reward them when they comply. Eventually, your poodle should learn to associate the word “off” with getting down from a person or object.


Method 2: Use a leash

If your poodle is prone to jumping on people during walks, try using a leash. This will give you more control over your dog’s behavior and allow you to prevent them from jumping on strangers. If your poodle starts to pull or jump, gently tug on the leash and say “no” or “down.”


Method 3: Ignore jumping behavior

Another method of preventing jumping is to simply ignore the behavior. This may sound counterintuitive, but it can be effective for some dogs. When your poodle jumps on you, turn your back and avoid eye contact. This will signal to your dog that jumping won’t get them the attention they want, and they’ll eventually stop.


Method 4: Desensitization

If your poodle jumps on guests, you can try desensitizing them to the presence of new people. This involves gradual exposure to strangers in a controlled environment. Start by having someone your poodle knows (like a family member or friend) enter your home. Ask them to ignore your poodle until they’ve calmed down, then reward your dog for good behavior. Gradually work your way up to having strangers enter your home, and always reward your poodle when they’re calm and well-behaved.


Method 5: Training and socialization

Proper training and socialization are crucial for preventing jumping in poodles. Training your poodle to follow basic commands (like “sit,” “stay,” and “down”) will help you control their behavior. Socialization will expose your poodle to new people, animals, and environments and help them feel more comfortable in new situations.


Method 6: Seek professional help

If your poodle’s jumping behavior is persistent, it may be time to seek professional help. A dog trainer or behaviorist can work with you and your poodle to create a personalized training plan. They may also be able to identify underlying issues that are contributing to your poodle’s jumping behavior.



In conclusion, preventing your poodle from jumping on people takes time and effort but is definitely worth it. By using a combination of methods like teaching the “off” command, using a leash, ignoring jumping behavior, desensitization, training and socialization, and seeking professional help, you can help your poodle become a well-behaved member of society. Remember to be patient and consistent, and above all, always reward good behavior.

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