Poodle Exercise: Everything You Need To Know

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It can be challenging to determine how much exercise your poodle needs at first. This page contains the solution you’re seeking whether you have a standard, miniature, toy, or even a puppy poodle.


Why Is Exercise Important?

Poodles should almost always exercise, regardless of their kind, age, gender, size, or aptitude. An important factor in a Poodle’s need for daily exercise is to assist manage their behavior and give them enough stimulation.


  • Prevents Boredom Behaviors

The Poodle is one of the smartest breeds in the world, to start! After all, they are water and were bred largely for bird hunting. Because of their intelligence, they were a breed that was simple to discipline and train for retrieving. Although they are now domesticated, their athletic prowess and intelligence still need to be stimulated daily to prevent boredom-related behaviors.


  • Reduces The Risk Of Obesity

Regular activity lowers a Poodle’s chances of getting obese and lessens its risk of developing serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, pancreatitis, and other conditions. This can help you avoid paying high vet fees to treat these diseases.


  • Improves One’s Self-Esteem

The more often you take your Poodle for walks outside, the more likely it is that they will grow comfortable exploring new surroundings away from home. Additionally, they will interact with other animals, automobiles, and humans, which will gradually socialize them. As a result, they are more at ease among strangers and in odd environments and are less prone to experience anxiety.


  • Keeps Them Healthy

A Poodle can benefit from regular exercise because it promotes fluid in their joints, which makes them move more smoothly and become less stiff. As a result, it can also prevent them from developing bone abnormalities and delay the onset of arthritis. Exercise can also benefit Poodles mentally since it releases endorphins, much like it does for people.


  • Supports Their Digestive System

Frequent exercise can prevent constipation in Poodles and free them up to use the restroom more regularly as needed. As a result, they have a higher propensity to eliminate harmful bacteria and have fewer bladder infections.


How Much Exercise Does A Poodle Need By Size?

  • For Standard Poodles:

The muscular and energetic breed known as the standard poodle benefits from 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise. Their exercise should ideally be broken up into two periods, one in the morning and one in the evening.

It’s crucial to use the 5-minute strategy described above while your standard poodle is still a puppy, up until she is about 12 months old. You can begin working them out more like an adult after a year.

It is recommended to consult your veterinarian for a customized exercise plan and further advice if your standard poodle is elderly or has underlying medical problems. The suggested activity will vary depending on the problem your poodle has.


  • For Miniature Poodles:

Due to their high level of energy, miniature poodles require roughly 60 minutes of daily moderate to vigorous exercise. This is plenty to keep them happy, healthy, and stimulated. For the sake of your poodle, try to divide their activity into two separate sessions.

The 5-minute method is still advised as a secure way to exercise your puppy’s miniature poodle without endangering them.

It’s best to acquire a customized exercise plan from your veterinarian if your miniature poodle has any underlying health issues or is older. Your veterinarian will provide precise, safe workouts that will have the least negative effects on your body.


  • For Toy Poodles:

Toy poodles need a little less exercise every day because they are much smaller than miniature and standard poodles. A toy poodle only needs 30-45 minutes of concentrated exercise per day.

This does not imply, however, that toy poodles lack vitality or stamina. These cute, curly friends enjoy zooming around and have a lot of energy.

A lot younger than standard poodles, toy poodle puppies normally reach complete physical development at roughly 7 months of age. This means that from about 7-8 months old, they can begin exercising like an adult. (An adult doll)


What To Consider When Exercising A Poodle?

While some dogs enjoy a range of exercises, there are two key considerations while working out a poodle:


  • Keep It Low Impact

You don’t want to overwork a Poodle and damage its joints by exercising it. In order to avoid placing extra strain on their bodies, you should keep the activity low impact. Running or swimming for long periods of time each day could put too much strain on their muscles and raise their chance of injury. In light of this, you should strive to focus on low-impact walks and only sometimes switch up their activity.

While short bursts of energetic activity like fetch have their place, walking your Poodle is the best option for everyday exercise. Small toy Poodles, medium-sized Minis, and enormous Standards all fit into this category.


  • Adapt As Necessary

You can gradually increase your Poodle’s activity once you’ve gotten the hang of it and you believe they are comfortable enough to walk for a set period of time or at a set speed. As a result, you can exercise more slowly and at a somewhat higher intensity. On the other hand, you can shorten or moderate the activity if they are too exhausted.

Additionally, you might concentrate on exercising your Poodle inside by playing fetch activities when the weather is terrible outside. Similarly to this, you might bury treats all over your house so that your Poodle has to search for them and get some exercise.

You may decide what kind of exercise your Poodle can undertake based on the breed. Because they are large, they can easily run, walk, and swim. Walking is preferable if it’s a toy or miniature because they could not have the strength to run or swim.


What Are Some Exercises Ideas For Poodles?

Here are some of the top poodle-friendly fitness suggestions. You can spice up your walks and keep things interesting by using the list below.

  1. Swimming

Poodles have great swimming abilities. Despite their small size, even toy poodles like swimming. Swimming is also the finest exercise because it is strenuous but not impactful, protecting your poodle’s joints.


  1. Agility training

Training in agility is the ideal combination of mental and physical activity. Your poodle may need some time to understand the course’s layout, but with your assistance and perseverance, she can become very skilled at it.


  1. Frisbee

Fetch is a terrific alternative to frisbee, albeit it’s a little harder because it requires more jumping and coordination. But any poodle can improve their skills with some instruction.


  1. Hiking

This might be a great way to mix up the walks if you are fortunate enough to live somewhere with dog-friendly hiking trails or woodlands.


  1. Jogging alongside you

If you enjoy running, you might want to start taking your poodle with you. Due of their strength and endurance, standard poodles are ideal for this than miniature or toy poodles.


  1. Flirt poles

Flirt poles are perfect for a quick, on-the-spot workout in the backyard. Even while they won’t replace your poodle’s usual exercise routine, a quick 10-minute yard session will leave your dog exhausted.


  1. Doggy playgroups

Nowadays, organized dog playgroups can be found in most communities, either through Facebook groups or forums, or local dog centers. The dogs play and run around during these sessions, which are solely for socializing purposes but also serve as a terrific source of exercise.



Poodles as a breed, in general, require daily mental and physical stimulation. Once fully grown and divided into intervals, your Poodle will require anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes of exercise every day, depending on the breed. To avoid boredom-related behaviors, they should also engage in mental stimulation in addition to physical exercise.

Giving them riddles, concealing their rewards, and other methods are effective ways to accomplish this. Most significantly, exercise can keep them flexible, and lower their risk of obesity, and various ailments. Are you a Poodle owner? Please share your favorite pastime in the comments section.

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