When Does a Toy Poodle Stop Growing?

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When is a Toy Poodle full grown? is one query that Toy Poodle owners frequently have. Poodles, which come in three sizes—standard, miniature, and toy—have been recognized as a breed for more than a century. One of the smallest dog breeds that is officially recognized is the toy poodle.

Because they are so tiny, it could be difficult to tell whether you have an adult or a puppy. When toy Poodles are completely grown and what you should know about caring for them are topics covered in this article.


When Does a Toy Poodle Stop Growing?

Toy poodles grow quite quickly for the first 12 weeks of birth, but after that, between three and six months of age, they start to slow down. By six to nine months (26 to 39 weeks), their growth will have stopped. By the time they are nine months old, toy poodles are almost fully matured. By age one, toy poodles cease growing.


How Big Does a Toy Poodle Get at Full Size?

Toy Poodles measure about 10 inches at the shoulder when fully grown. They can weigh up to 10 pounds, but often weigh between 4 and 6 pounds. Typically, guys are a little bit bigger than females.

As a result, toy Poodles are among the tiniest breeds of dogs. As a result, they are more vulnerable to damage than most dogs due to their smaller stature. Stepping on, sitting on, or dropping a toy poodle are among the many injuries it sustains.

Between six and seven months, toy poodles often attain their full height, which is roughly 10 inches at the shoulder. They will, however, continue to bulk up and put on weight for a few months after that.


What Are Factors Affecting The Growth of a Toy Poodle?

The factors listed below are crucial for your poodle puppy’s healthy development.


  • Genetics

Dogs’ genetic makeup significantly influences how big they get. Knowing your poodle’s parents or grandparents is particularly important for this reason. You can use this information to estimate (or determine) your pet’s true size and weight.


  • Nutrition

Your poodle needs a nutritious, tasty diet to stay healthy. Similar to this, healthy eating is necessary to maintain the coat’s curled, glossy, and velvety appearance. Puppy-specific dog food is ideal for young poodles during their first year of life. These processed foods have the ideal ratio of fats and proteins for their development.

However, mature poodles (those over 8 years old) need a considerably more well-balanced diet with more carbs and less protein and fat.


  • Health Benefits of Exercise

A regular exercise program improves your poodle’s health while also calming him or her down. It improves your ability to keep your dogs healthy (at an ideal weight) and strengthens their bones and muscles. In a similar vein, exercise aids in the prevention of diseases like diabetes.

Poodles’ social and behavioral health can also be enhanced by exercise. For instance, hostility, destructive conduct, and attention-seeking behaviours can all be reduced (or eliminated) through exercise.


Do Male and Female Toy Poodles Differ in Sizes?

The size of a toy poodle depends on a variety of factors. One of the elements influencing toy poodle growth is gender. In general, male toy poodles are larger than female toy poodles.

More so than its gender, a toy poodle’s lineage determines its size. Some toy poodles are the offspring of big parents. These miniature poodles will become large. Toy poodle puppies with tiny parents will be little.

Therefore, even if both toy poodles are the same age, it is feasible to see a male that is smaller than a female.


How To Tell How Big Your Toy Poodle Will Grow To Be?

Toy poodles reach adulthood weighing five to ten pounds. However, there is a significant difference between a dog that weighs five pounds and one that weighs 10 pounds in that size. So how can you forecast the eventual size of your toy poodle puppy?

Using our toy poodle growth calculator, you can anticipate your toy poodle’s weight and height based on its current weight and height to get an idea of how big it will grow to be.

Looking at the parents is another technique to predict the final size of your toy poodle puppy. One parent dog frequently outweighs the other in size. The puppies in the litter will wind up being in the middle if this is the case. Therefore, your puppy will eventually weigh between eight and nine pounds if you produce a litter with parents who weigh seven and 10 pounds, respectively.

Sometimes a puppy will remain the same size as its smallest parent or grow to reach the same size as its largest parent, but most of the time they will fall somewhere in the middle. Your puppy’s adult size will be easier to estimate if you can locate a breeder whose breeding partners are quite comparable in size and structure.

Some people believe that if they pick the pup that is the tiniest in the litter, the pup will grow up to be the smallest in the litter. However, this isn’t always the case. Within the first year, many puppies who are the smallest of their litter at birth will outgrow them.



The Toy Poodle can be the ideal breed for you, depending on your lifestyle and living arrangements. It is the ideal small dog for living in an RV or apartment because it matures at seven to ten pounds. Additionally, if your home is spacious, it is ideal.

Find a trustworthy rescue to work with or get your toy poodle from a breeder who practices ethical breeding. To offer your toy poodle the best chance of enjoying a long and healthy life, it’s crucial to keep it on a good diet. Additionally, it’s crucial that you choose a size that adheres to the toy poodle breed’s standards. Get rid of any toy poodles that were bred to be too tiny. To pick a puppy who will live a long, healthy life with you, ask your breeder or rescue group about health and genetic testing.

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