How to Care for a Pregnant Poodle

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When a poodle is pregnant, it can be worrisome for a new dog owner. Poodle owners should be aware that pregnancies call for frequent veterinary examinations. If a woman is not properly watched during her pregnancy, especially in the final four weeks, her chance of miscarriage rises.

However, the route becomes a lot simpler if you do your homework and get adequate knowledge on poodle pregnancy. You can use the information on this page to better comprehend and take care of your poodle during pregnancy.


What Are The Signs Of A Pregnant Poodle?

It’s crucial to have any noticeable change in look, appetite, or activity level examined because some of these symptoms might potentially be indications of sickness. Of course, you have a much better reason to take your dog to the vet if you believe she may be pregnant! Five warning signals are listed below:


  1. Decreased Activity

Your dog might be pregnant if she gets tired easily or if she spends more time napping. This decline should be considered seriously in dogs who are usually active. It might be more difficult to detect a drop in energy in canines who already love sleeping all day. Try paying closer attention to how quickly she becomes tired when walking if that’s the case.


  1. Changes In Appetite

Depending on the dog and the stage of her pregnancy, a pregnant dog’s appetite may change in a variety of ways. She may eat less frequently or perhaps vomit sometimes in the early or middle stages of pregnancy (the canine equivalent of morning sickness). She might, however, also eat more than usual if she doesn’t like her food. These variations match the hormone changes in your dog. For more information on feeding a pregnant dog, click here.


  1. Unusual Behavior

If your dog is pregnant, you might observe some behavioral changes in her. She might, for instance, turn to her owner more frequently for consolation. A canine companion that is expecting may spend more time by your side. On the other hand, a pregnant dog can seek alone and not want to be bothered; when paid attention to, she might appear depressed or even irritated.


  1. Enlarged Or Discolored Nipples

While a female dog’s nipples are typically modest, pregnancy causes them to enlarge in the first trimester. In contrast to their customary flatness, the areolas also start to become somewhat rounder. Your dog’s nipples may also start to look a little darker red than usual, which would suggest increased blood flow. Her nipples may occasionally leak milk as the pregnancy progresses.


  1. Weight Gain And Enlarged Abdomen

Your dog’s abdomen will enlarge as the puppies grow. This may be one of the most obvious signs that your dog is pregnant, especially if there is no other explanation for her unexpected weight gain. Enlargement of the abdomen, however, doesn’t happen until rather late in your dog’s pregnancy, so if you see this symptom along with others, it’s time to take her to the vet.


  1. Nesting Methods

You might observe your dog tearing up bedding and other things to use as a nest in the final few weeks of pregnancy. It’s advisable to restrict her interactions with young children during this period because she might also get agitated and reclusive.


How Long Does Poodle Pregnancy Last?

The average dog has a gestation period of 63 days, or 9 weeks, starting from conception. However, this could vary by a few days.

If you breed Miniature or Toy Poodles or crosses like a Mini Goldendoodle or F1b Mini Goldendoodle, your dog may already be pregnant after 56–59 days. Smaller dogs typically give birth a little earlier than larger breeds.


How To Care For A Pregnant Poodle

As her belly expands, your dog may display signs of fatigue, thirst, and irritability. A calm retreat away from the bustle of family life should be provided for her. Whelping boxes need to be available before the puppies are expected to be born. Make sure the box is clean, dry, and far from other animals or young children because the mother might become disturbed by the smell of those things.

A pregnant dog may dig through newspapers or carry items of clothing to her whelping box as she gets closer to giving birth. Don’t let guests or family members get close to her, and keep this place completely dark.

It is recommended to avoid performing tasks like laying new flooring or taking out a beloved piece of furniture that could frighten or disturb a pregnant dog. Unfamiliar smells, sounds, and sights can make the dog uncomfortable.

During this crucial time of pregnancy, a pet owner should strive to maintain as much quiet and organization in the home as possible. If feasible, postpone extended visitor visits and frequent child sleepovers. In contrast to most dogs, an anxious or insecure pregnant dog may seek a more remote and hidden location to give birth.

Children need to be made aware that their female dog is carrying puppies and needs to be handled gently and carefully. It is advisable to keep the dog calm as the due date draws closer in case anything goes wrong. It’s best to avoid getting her too excited because most dogs never stop playing.

She might become tired more easily and need naps more frequently than usual due to her increasing weight and the potential that she might be in pre-birth labor. Keep fresh water on hand at all times for her.

When your poodle is giving birth, she will appreciate you letting nature take its course. Keep your composure and your attention if you need to assist her. Your poodle doesn’t need an anxious or agitated owner making an urgent delivery.

Have the vet’s phone number prominently displayed during the final few weeks of a pregnant dog. Additionally, make sure you have access to weekend and after-hours emergency phone numbers in case anything happens then.

At least once per day, make sure to inspect the pregnant dog for indications of labor. If the labor does not develop as it should, keep an eye out for signs of distress. Think about keeping a car on hand for emergencies. The majority of animal births go smoothly and without incident. However, it’s a good idea to prepare for any eventuality, so you do not feel regretful later.

It is important to follow these tips through pregnancy to ensure your poodle’s comfort and safety, as well as to ensure the health and happiness of her puppies.



It will be rewarding to take care of a pregnant poodle, but it will require a lot of commitment and time. You should be fully aware of your dog’s condition, the phases of pregnancy, and the best ways to help them at each step.

How should a pregnant poodle be cared for? Your poodle’s pregnancy will be confirmed by your pet’s veterinarian. Her pregnancy will last for approximately 9 weeks, and during that time she will require extra care, love, exercise, and nutritional supplements to keep both her and your poodle’s future puppies healthy.

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