How To Keep Poodle Hair From Matting?

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Poodles are hypoallergenic and don’t shed much, but their hair requires a surprising amount of upkeep. Poodle hair is more likely to mat than the hair of the majority of other dog breeds because it is unusually dense and curly. You must regularly brush, wash, and cut your poodle’s hair to prevent matting, and you must use the proper products to maintain it clean and healthy. However, if your poodle’s hair does mat, you can try brushing and spraying a detangling solution through the mats.


Why Does Your Poodle’s Hair Gets Matted? 

Your poodle’s hair becomes matted when it knots. Once the tangles form, they are challenging to clear up, and as time passes, they enlarge. These tangles can become heavy, in the way, and challenging to brush out, depending on how long your dog’s hair is.

The main causes of matting in poodles are irregular grooming practices, poor nutrition, and environmental allergens. Severe matting prevents proper airflow resulting in severe skin irritation and discomfort in dogs. Poodles should be brushed at least once a week and bathed twice a month to give a poodle’s coat optimum protection against matting.

Poodles’ coats differ significantly from those of adult poodles when they are born. Before nine months of age, a poodle puppy’s hair is straight; afterwards, it starts to morph into the curly puffs we all know and love.

A poodle puppy’s hair may become matted when it changes because hair may fall out and become lodged in the newly created curls. Single-coated adult poodles have a single, dense layer of curly hair. The majority of the time when they shed, their hair returns to their coat.

Due to the following regular behaviors, a poodle’s coat will frequently become matted:

  • Playing outside with other dogs
  • Rolling around on the floor
  • Scratching themselves and getting their hair tangled

Your poodle’s knots will become matted if you don’t brush or groom it properly.


How Can You Prevent Your Poodle’s Hair From Matting? 

Although matted poodles are frequent, it doesn’t always have to be that way. By creating a proactive grooming regimen and applying these simple prevention strategies, poodle owners may stop the majority of matting incidents.

Simple strategies to prevent matting in poodle hair include:


  1. Brush Your Poodle at Least Once a Week 

Once a week brushing will eliminate dead skin cells and extra hair, decreasing matting and tangling in your dog’s coat. Additionally, brushing your poodle’s hair can give your dog a young and vibrant appearance. Make sure to begin brushing your dog under the collar, behind the ears, in the armpits, on the back, and close to the tails.


  1. Gently Brush Small Knots or Cut Out Tanglesknots.

Hold the tangle where it meets the skin as you are brushing your dog to prevent causing any skin irritation when you tug on the knot. Start at the hair’s tip and slowly work your way up until the hair is out. Make sure you are checking for tangles in the appropriate places before brushing your dog.


3. Use Conditioner After Shampooing Your Poodle 

Any dog’s coat will look lovely and shiny after using conditioner as a detangler and smoother. Never give your dog a bath with human shampoo or conditioner. Dogs’ allergies differ from people’, and the components in human items could irritate their skin.


  1. Give Your Poodle a Bath Every Two to Three Weeks

Your poodle should be bathed every two to three weeks. However, the ideal cathing frequency for your dog should be discussed with your groomer or veterinarian. No matter where you reside, bathing them will keep your poodle’s coat looking healthy and your dog feeling wonderful.

Request a shampoo or conditioner for dogs from your groomer or veterinarian. Discuss price ranges because some dog shampoos can be somewhat expensive.


  1. Cut Your Poodle’s Hair Shorter

By keeping your poodle’s hair short, you may avoid tangling, knotting, and matting the most easily. Your dog is less likely to experience matting or tangling issues with less hair.


  1. Feed Your Poodle Nutritious Food

Always start with your poodle’s food to maintain good skin and fur. It will be visible in their coat if they consume food that upsets their stomach. A gradual change in your dog’s diet can have a significant impact on your poodle’s coat if it is ragged, matted, or tangled.


  1. Treat Itching and Scratching Promptly

Hair can tangle and knot together due to scratching and itching. Omega-3 fatty acid-containing fish oil supplements are safe to administer to dogs. A dog’s coat may become rough and matted if there are not enough fatty acids in its diet.


  1. Avoid dressing your poodle in clothes.

The hair on your poodle will thank you for avoiding dogs completely, despite the fact that they can look pretty adorable in clothing. Frequently, the detergent chemicals on the clothes might irritate people or trigger allergic reactions.


  1. Make use of a detangling or conditioning spray.

Use a dog detangler spray to avoid new tangles or knots in addition to bathing your dog and giving your poodle nutritious food.


  1. Summertime Poodle Shaving

It might be time to take your poodle to the groomer to get his hair shaved if it tends to tangle easily due to its length. Not only will this help your dog lose extra weight, but it will also allow the skin to breathe and give it a chance to heal.


How Can You Remove Mats In Your Poodle’s Hair? 

To avoid mats in the future, there are a number of things you may do and methods you can employ. To avoid further matting, be patient and follow the instructions given by your groomer or veterinarian.

Poodle owners can get rid of mats in their pets by:

  • Using the proper equipment is essential when detangling a dog’s coat. Spray dog-friendly detangler spray liberally over your dog’s coat and give it time to absorb before detangling. Additionally, get some brushes, shampoo, and conditioner suitable for dogs.
  • Gently removing knots from the hair: When brushing, avoid pulling on the skin or hair. Gently untangle the knots and, if necessary, apply the detangler spray more frequently.
  • Visiting a professional groomer: It’s possible that your dog is becoming frustrated if you are. Think about getting some professional advice. You might not be able to handle your dog’s mats because they are too large or severe, so schedule an appointment with a professional groomer.
  • Consult a professional groomer about this, but if necessary, you might need to shave off or trim some of your poodle’s hair. If the condition is serious, you might think considering clipping the hair. Remember that the hair will regrow.



Brush your dog’s fur at least once a week to avoid future matting. If you can restore the coat’s health, brushing will be reduced because healthy coats do not mat as quickly.

After giving your dog a bath, don’t forget to condition him. The keratin in the fur may ‘open’ due to scratching or friction, and this damaged hair is what tangles and mats are made of.

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